On the physical level, craniosacral therapy works with the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), the fluid that bathes them (cerebral spinal fluid), and the bones that surround them.

Many people are now better understanding the psychosomatic aspect of the human experience. Meaning, our emotions influence our bodies and our well-being. CST works with emotions and memories stored within the body, and helps to bring balance to patterns and trauma.

It is especially ideal for people who have recently given birth and for people who have recently been birthed. Even in the most uncomplicated birth, bones move, experiences are had and Craniosacral can help bring balance back into the nervous system and rest of the body. *Please note that I only offer services for adults at this time. I have other practitioners that specialize in pediatric Craniosacral that I refer out to. Your baby deserves the very best and most experienced hands for their special needs.


At the beginning of the session we will verbally check-in with how you are doing that day and what you'd like to focus on be it physical pain, emotional distress, or anything else you'd like to integrate.


You will lay on a massage table fully clothed and will be offered various blankets, bolsters and pillows to get as comfortable as possible. If you have any restrictions laying on your back, sessions can be done in a side-lying position. The session consists of Marta placing very gentle hand holds on parts of the body (including the head, neck, sacrum (bottom of the spine), and feet) to help the nervous system settle. It is different than a sleep state but can often feel similar and deeply relaxing. It is in this space that we can work with the nervous system and the experiences stored within to help come into balance.

When the session is complete we will have some time to check-in if there's anything you'd like to share or if you have questions.

Craniosacral sessions with Marta are approximately 60 minutes.


Physically, Craniosacral work can help to ease any physical trauma experienced during pregnancy and birth. It can aid in aligning the spine and cranial bones, and also soft tissue tears and scars. Emotionally, Craniosacral can help integrate the experience of birth whether it was your dream experience gone to plan, or deeply traumatizing. People suffering from mood disorders associated with the postpartum time can also benefit from the balancing that Craniosacral offers. This is not a claim that this work cures postpartum depression or other mood disorders, but it can be a tool to move through certain experiences.


YES! You can come into my office for a session anytime prenatally or postnatally. A la carte sessions are done at my office and are $80 for approximately 60 minutes.


But this very special service is also offered at each Postpartum Home Visit should you choose to purchase a PACKAGE. It is completely up to you if you choose to include this in the day's menu.